Current Legislation


The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) held in-person public hearings on the 2021-2023 state budget as well as one virtual hearing.   Several SWSA members testified in person and virtually.  Most districts submitted a letter identifying the key issues that should be addressed in the upcoming budget.

The SWSA Executive Director, Terri Phillips, testified virtually and submitted testimony which can be found here. SWSA Submitted to JFC Testimony April 28, 2021

SWSA is urging all school districts to continue conversations with your own legislators and tell your story.


The 2021-2023 Wisconsin State Legislative Session brings some anticipated and many unanticipated legislative policy opportunities to our attention.  The SWSA takes positions on some of the key legislative items and will track these positions for our members.

The 2021-2023 SWSA Legislative Agenda can be viewed here:  SWSA 2021-2023 Legislative Priorities

The SWSA in coordination with the other K-12 Advocacy organizations developed and is advocating for a Statutory Flexibility agenda to support our public schools districts.  Wisconsin K-12 Advocacy Partners include:  SWSA, WiRSA (Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance), WASB (Wisconsin Association of School Boards), and SAA (School Administrators Alliance).

The 2021 SWSA Bill Tracker document can be viewed here: 2021 SWSA Bill Tracker

SWSA also encourages members to utilize the Wisconsin Association of School Boards (WASB) bill tracking feature on their website to find all current legislation that is active in both the Wisconsin Assembly and the Senate.   The link to WASB's state bill tracking chart can be found at:  WASB State Bill Tracking Chart