Legislative Agenda

The purpose of the SWSA legislative agenda is to proactively influence public policy related to education through coordinated legislative advocacy efforts for the benefit of students, families, and communities.  The SWSA is committed not only to the 220,000+ students we educate in our public schools, but also the 800,000+ traditional public school students served across the state.  Our 2021-2023 Legislative Priorities are founded in our mission, core beliefs, and our vision of public education in Wisconsin.


The Southeastern Wisconsin Schools Alliance is guided by six core beliefs.

Children are the center of our mission and the purpose of our work. A world class education is essential for educating all students to become happy, contributing, and successful members of society.

Citizens, families, and communities of Wisconsin expect a strong public school system to support their children. This education system is essential for a healthy, vibrant community and economic vitality.

The State of Wisconsin has a long-standing tradition of providing and investing in world class public education. Education funding is a key component of our State Budget to support the unique and diverse needs of the student populations served.

SWSA representatives are leaders that are passionate in their commitment to achieving a world class education for all students. Our members are made up of a diverse population that reflects the world we live in.

Innovative thinking and agility are essential to forming relationships /partnerships to create and build an education system that enables our students to achieve their highest potential and become leaders.

Accountability measures for teaching and learning are critical for systematically tracking and improving student achievement levels.

Evidence based research and data will form the foundation of SWSA’s work to create and advocate for world class education policies and practices.

2021-2023 Legislative Priorities

The SWSA membership has drafted and refined their legislative framework for the 2021-2023 legislative session.  The legislative framework was developed through multiple conversations with the membership and an evaluation of strategic priorities to benefit all students.

SWSA 2021-2023 Legislative Priorities